Camp Moola

Find Your Financial Mojo at Camp Moola!

Personal finance coach (and my husband) Alex Gallegos of

White Knight Financial Coaching and I are teaming up to

help you maximize your money mojo!


Sunday, May 21st 2017


The Gallegos Campground in San Ramon

Testimonial from Susan N, “Outstanding and highly informative Camp Moola with Keisha Gallegos and Alex! I identified some limiting beliefs from my money lineage that have been holding me back, and I’m super inspired to tackle some spending plan tasks right now that I’ve been putting off. Sitting at my desk right now to get a start on taking care of them!!!

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Your money mindset+your money management skills= Your money mojo.

Our thoughts about money drive how we manage our money. We will dive deep into both how we think about money and how we spend, save and invest.

Keisha’s Territory:

  • Understand your money lineage- how were you brought up to think about and manage money?
  • What are your daily thoughts about money? Are they helping or hurting?
  • What feelings are you trying to buy? A breakdown of how your emotions affect your buying habits.
  • Techniques to manifest more money. Don’t we all need that?

Alex’s Territory:

  • Demystifying money- learn the lingo.
  • Let’s talk about the B word- budget
  • Building your wealth like a boss.
  • Investment strategies that can help you retire early!

Why learn about money from us?

*Alex used the strategies he will teach you to retire as a millionaire at 47 years old. 

*Keisha built a very successful life and career coaching business from the ground up and has coached hundreds of entrepreneurs to build more profitable and enjoyable businesses. 

Camp Moola brings the best of both worlds to learning about money, your thoughts and your actions build the security and freedom you desire!

Price includes lunch, one of a kind workbook, supplies and life changing info you can use to become a money boss!


Heck yes, sign me up!


*There are no refunds or credits given for missed workshops. Treat this purchase as you would a concert ticket, use it or lose it, so please plan accordingly.

Cool extra: Have a partner that you share finances with? Bring them with you for just $30!

Email me and I’ll invoice you. You’re welcome!