Camp Mojo

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Sunday, October 1st 2017

We are going to free the rock star that lives within you to go out and shine your light.

It’s the way you do the things you do…

  • Your Swag
  • Your Passion
  • Your Inspiration
  • Your Confidence

At Camp Mojo, we will reveal your own personal magic to boost your career, relationships, money and your life.

  • Deconstruct MOJO – Who has it? How do they do it? How do I get some?
  • Decipher when you last saw your mojo and why did it go into hiding?
  • Identify your unique mojo potion. Hint- it’s WHY you do what you do….
  • Be BOLD and experiment with ways to COAX MOJO into your life and let it run with wild abandon!
Just bring your stud-muffin self and the ability to laugh at yourself and others!
You will be provided with a one-of-a-kind workbook and a delicious lunch.
*Disclaimer—We are not actually camping, it’s more like glamping…here at my house, but there will be s’mores 🙂


When: Sunday, October 1st 10am-4:30pm

Where: MY HOUSE (Mojo Headquarters) in San Ramon, CA

*There are no refunds or credits given for missed workshops. Treat this purchase as you would a concert ticket, use it or lose it, so please plan accordingly.