A Tribute to My Mother-in-Law, Carole Hoss

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A Tribute to My Mother-in- Law,
Carole Hoss


December 25, 1941—January 27, 2017
My mother in law Carole Hoss passed away while I was in Mexico leading my Mystical Mayan retreat.She passed away the night we had gone to an amazing shaman and during a powerful ceremony, we were asked to bring our friends and family’s spirits into our circle, so of course I thought of Carole and how much she would LOVE to be with us in the jungle with a shaman, being the deeply spiritual woman that she was.Little did I know that Carole’s spirit would be departing later that day.

Carole was a mother to me longer than my own mother was alive to mother me.

She cared for my sister and I emotionally in the aftermath of my mom’s untimely death from breast cancer.

She was a brilliant woman and taught me so many things.

She was a master painter- a true artist. Seeing the breadth and scope of her work as we go through her things is truly astounding.

She raised my husband, Alex- the man I’ve been married to for 26 years, and I can never thank her enough for helping him to be the good, kind and loving man that he is.

Seeing her three boys who don’t always get along laughing and crying together is a sight that I will treasure forever.

As her friend Cheryl said to me, maybe Carole accomplished in death what she could not accomplish in life?

I love you Carole, and I miss you already.

I don’t have to tell you hover over your boys and your grandsons as they grieve your passing.

I know you are on the other side having a ball and will continue to love and guide us from beyond the veil.
Sending love to you,


A Tribute to My Mother-in-Law, Carole Hoss