About Keisha Gallegos Professional Life Coach Located in the Austin Area

I became a life coach because I absolutely love helping people live a better life. When I watch the progress my clients make from one session to the next, it makes me positively giddy. Seriously, I’m not kidding. ELATED!

I’m a cheerleader, problem solver, crappy thought buster, mojo miner, strength finder, life purpose decoder, path clearer, plan builder, hand holder, ass kicker and all around partner in your success. I was an Oprah worshiper, self help book junkie, wisdom seeker and insatiable student of spirituality before I found life coaching. Actually, I still am all of those things!

In 2008, I saw Dr. Martha Beck speaking at a women’s conference I attended- I knew without a doubt in my mind that I MUST enroll in her program and become a life coach. Best. Decision. Ever. I loved my training so much that I went back in 2012 and earned my masters. Now I’ve coached hundreds of people to live their destiny.

Let me help you get clear about what you want and build a plan to get there. I am intoxicated by transformation. It’s my life’s purpose.

I married my college sweetheart, Alex, 29 years ago. We have two good hearted and hilarious grown sons. I earned a BA in Political Science from California State University at Northridge. My work experience includes elementary school teaching, intuitive consulting, and being a proud stay at home mom.

In addition to being a certified Master Life Coach, I am also a Reiki Master and have extensively studied psychology, spirituality relationships, and using the Myers Briggs personality type indicator.  I coach smart, progressive people on life purpose, career, leadership, happiness, spirituality, relationships and using the law of attraction.

*Starlit Path Coaching LLC services are not to be considered a substitute for professional, medical or psychological diagnosis and/or treatment. Participation in life coaching with Starlit Path is considered voluntary and should not replace, supersede or conflict with treatment and/or advice of a health professional.