My Coaching Style

keisha2 copyI will do whatever it takes to get you where you want to go as fast as possible! I have a sassy, fun-loving style that flows between handholding, pathfinding and ass kicking. I hope you like to laugh, because we will be doing a lot of it. However, we will stay laser focused on working through your issues and toward your highest potential. I have an endless bag of coaching tools, strategies, exercises and customized challenges to transform your life to one of deep satisfaction, purpose and fulfillment. Though our time together will be temporary, your transformation will last forever.

What you should know about me –

  • I am very playful, but I take your life very seriously.
  • I am very conscientious, and I will spend a lot of time in between our appointments thinking of how I can serve you better.
  • I want you to be happy, fulfilled, and excited about your life.
  • We will laugh a lot, while never making light of your thoughts and feelings.

I love nothing more in the world than spending time talking about YOU.

Keisha’s Mojo Potion

So you want to know what its like working with me? Here’s a playful recipe that I developed which pulls all of the coaching process components together.

  • Two heaping scoops of FUN
  • 1/2 cup of sass mouth
  • 3/4 cup of warm empathy
  • One dash of shameless truth serum
  • A few sprinkles of saucy language 
(may substitute light hearted mockery in a pinch)

Fold thoughtfully equal parts hand-holding and ass-kicking while peppering with excellent, soul revealing inquiry. Marinate with love and understanding until sparkly and shiny. Dismount with ridiculous happy dance  and rockin’ action plan for world domination!


*Starlit Path Coaching LLC services are not to be considered a substitute for professional, medical or psychological diagnosis and/or treatment. Participation in life coaching with Starlit Path is considered voluntary and should not replace, supersede or conflict with treatment and/or advice of a health professional.