Becoming Unfuckwithable- FREE CLASS

Hey Everybody!

I have something I am so excited about sharing with you. I’ve got a free video class to give you as a gift from fellow coach and personality profiler Meredith Roberts and me. Meredith has been my friend for fifteen years, we taught school together!  She is a certified life coach and expert personality profiler. She furthered my understanding of personality theory in a way that has changed the way I coach, and frankly has made me a much better coach!  I trust her implicitly. We have worked hard on this course, and we are beyond excited to present this class to you. 

Watch your free class HERE!

Would you like to become unfuckwithable? 

Real talk- we are tired of getting fucked around.

In our relationships, at our jobs, and by our leaders.

One of the questions we get asked by our clients most is “How do I stop letting all of this bother me? What is wrong with me?”

Nothing is wrong with you.

The conflict we are experiencing is so deep, and so disturbing.

The amount of bad news we contend with on a daily basis is overwhelming.

Sometimes the world feels absolutely hopeless, and we are struggling to find our strength.

We want to help.

We have a tool to help you become unfuckwithable…personality theory.

Stay with me.

When you truly understand your own wiring and motivations, you stop blaming and shaming yourself for who you are and what you’re not.

You begin to feel more confident and, well- unfuckwithable.

You will learn :

  • What energizes you and what depletes you
  • How you learn and take in the world around you
  • How you make decisions, and how to make better ones
  • How you organize your life and how you can create more efficiency
  • What puts you in flow and what are your blindspots
  • What your superpowers are, and what is your kryptonite

All based on your personality.

Because we do not all do things the same way. We do not learn the same way. We do not make decisions the same way. We do not speak the same way, and we do not all prioritize the same things.

We will give you the decoder ring to understand why and how you do the things you do.

When you understand yourself deeply, you can understand others who previously seemed like unsolvable puzzles.

When you crack the code of personality with those close to you, a peace comes over you.

Conflict dissolves.

Anxiety decreases.

Understanding grows.

And you become a badass behavior predictor, which makes you empowered.

To meet your own needs and the needs of others.

To know what to do when shit hits the fan.

To stop second guessing yourself.

To move forward with awareness and confidence, because you took the time and made the investment to grow and learn.

We love systems that can solve problems.

We will teach you the system that lifehacks YOU.

Join us for a 10 week voyage to the center of you.

Week 1: Ninety minute private personality profiling session with Meredith to be scheduled at your convenience the week of January 7th, 2019.

Week 2: 1/16 Where do you get your mojo? 
Begin our live online video course learning about where you get your energy and what depletes you.

Week 3: 1/23 What’s your style?
Understand how you learn and perceive the world around you.

Week 4: 1/30 Thinkers aren’t assholes and Feelers aren’t fuckwits
Do you make decisions as a thinker or as a feeler?

Week 5: 2/6  Clusterfuck—A tale of two organizational styles
Knowing how to organize your life.

Week 6: 2/13 Go from “Fuck you!” to “I love you!” 
How to create awesome relationships and minimize conflict.

Week 7: 2/20 Dude, you gotta chill—writing your own prescription for wellness 
How to stomp out stress and create peace according to your personality type.

Week 8: 2/27 Save your fucks and plan for your future
Managing your money and planning for the future by using your strengths.

Week 9: 3/6 Stop doing shit you hate!
Create more excitement and ease at work by knowing what you want to do with the rest of your life.

Week 10: Put it all together with a personalized plan for the future in a 90 minute coaching session with Keisha, scheduled at your convenience the week of March 11th!

This information has helped us do exactly what we are going to teach you to do.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

Let’s become unfuckwithable!
Watch your free class here and find out all the details!

Full disclosure: This is a free course that is the first step to a paid course. But since I hate all forms of fuckery, I’m telling you that right up front. I also wanted to give you real information you can use in this class, so it is free from the usual free webinar BS. So watch it and see if you can apply the information to your life, and if you want to invest in this awesome course, please do. If not, totally cool and please enjoy and see what you can learn from it! 

xoxo, Keisha 
Becoming Unfuckwithable- FREE CLASS