Behind the Scenes of How My Little Book Came to Life (July 18, 2015)

On October 21st, 2012—Husbando Alex and I were driving home from an Oprah Magazine conference in LA when I had a flash of inspiration…

MOJO…your Magical, Original, Joyful Offering to the world!

Suddenly, the outline of a book poured into my consciousness, more like a download than a thought.

I had nothing to write on, so I furiously typed my outline into my phone while shouting my ideas like a lunatic at Alex. Mojo killer #1- Mistake-o-phobia! Mojo killer #2 Compare and Despair!  

And on and on until I had the outline of a book. In about 10 minutes flat.

Then I sat on it for about 6 months because I was “too busy” to write. Way to follow that inspiration, right?

I created Camp Mojo, an all day retreat around the idea of your mojo being your superpower, and it was one of my favorite classes I’ve ever taught. (I’m going to teach it again soon!)

I knew I was onto something—I had a blast teaching and the guests LOVED it. I thought I would dive into writing the book after it was over, but I wrote a couple of chapters and my resolve fizzled out.

I perpetually felt like I had a term paper hanging over my head, until I said something about it to Laura Wooten, a client who owns a communications company in Dallas, Texas.

She didn’t know I was trying to write a book until I blurted it out during one of our sessions.

Laura asked if she could help me. I nearly wept in gratitude.

She looked at my outline and created a project plan, with dates of completion for rough drafts of each chapter.

Accountability was born, and it made all the difference in the world. I needed somebody to kick my ass!

About 14 months later we had a manuscript ready to go to a proofreader.

When I told Laura that I found Lynn Blaney Hess, a proofreader and editor who is also a Martha Beck coach like me, she said “I know her!”

Turns out Laura and Lynn attended the same church some years back.

Coincidence? You know I don’t believe in coincidence. I believe in providence.

I tried to come up with a great title for well over a year, nothing was just right.

The title “Little Book of Mojo” had popped into my head a while back, sung to the tune of “Little Shop of Horrors!”

But it wasn’t quite right until I was talking to my good friend and fellow coach Laura Rosenberg, and she said, “How about The Little Book of Big MOJO?”


Each of these conversations were turning points in the evolution of the book.

I was never really alone, even though it felt like it at times.

I had backup from my friends, my family, and the Universe the whole time.

Even my dogs made sure I was never alone, they snuggled up with me on the couch while I wrote, sometimes walking across the keyboard and somehow managing to erase what I’d just written- thanks guys!

Every time I reached out for help, it was there for me.

Even the book designer that created the cover and layout was referred to me through a friend of a friend.

I loved the cover so much, I found myself wishing that my website could be redesigned to mirror that style.

Guess what?  Book designer dude does websites too.

And he’s redesigning mine as we speak. It looks AWESOME and the new site will launch with the book.

It takes a village, y’all. If you need help, ask for it for Christ’s sake. If I hadn’t, I’d still be kvetching about how I really need to write this book.

My book is really going to help people, and I know you’ll like it. I’ve been getting great feedback from early readers.

And since we are talking about help, I’ve got some super fantastic free gifts in store for people who pre-order my book.

I’ll let you know how to snag those gifties very soon.

In the meantime, thanks for all of the support you’ve given me during this process. It means the world to me and I can feel myself being lifted up by your high hopes for the success of my book.

Behind the Scenes of How My Little Book Came to Life (July 18, 2015)