Big News…We’re Moving!!!


Big news…I’m moving!!!

It’s been a really long time since I’ve written a newsletter. So much has been going on for me personally, and I haven’t really been ready to talk about it. Our youngest son Cristian told us he was graduating college a year early and joining the Marine Corps in November. We knew he was eventually going to be a Marine, but we thought he would be graduating in December at the earliest. When the shock wore off, a certainty washed over me that I wasn’t prepared for. I realized I was done living in the house we own here in San Ramon. This is the house I’ve raised my children in and it’s the place I’ve lived the longest by far. That phase of my life is over now that my sons are both launched. Husbando and I are ready to try something new and make some really big changes.


We are building a house in Austin, Texas—and we plan to move there in March. We found a beautiful hilltop lot in Texas Hill Country. My sister and her family moved to Austin last year and they are loving it there. After a couple of visits to see them, we were ready to join the 160+ people moving to Austin per day?!?!


Last Saturday


Honestly, I am rather shocked that we have decided to do this. Alex has wanted to move for a long time and I haven’t been ready, or known where I wanted to go. Something just fell into place for me after my mother in law’s death in January, our son Tyler’s marriage in March, and then with our son Cristian’s graduation and departure to the military. Completion. Death, marriage and graduations are all completions of a journey. I was surprised that all of that change meant completion for me as well!


                                                    Tyler and Kelly there this weekend, look at the progress in one week!


For those of you who may think we’ve lost our minds—I get it. Why disrupt a perfectly nice life in our lovely home, in a beautiful area with a thriving coaching business, and the most wonderful friends anyone could ask for? It sounds crazy! Here’s what I can tell you, moving feels like growth and excitement—and staying here feels like stagnation. If you’ve coached with me, you know I encourage following our excitement. The thought of building a house in a new area excites me. Decorating it excites me. Making new friends excites me. Exploring a new area excites me. Having no mortgage payment reallllly excites me, as does traveling a lot more because we have no mortgage payment. That was the factor that tipped me right over the line. I love to travel, and after seven years of paying for college, it’s our time.


I want to reassure you, I am still going to be coaching! I will be available for phone and FaceTime or Skype sessions. I also plan to come back every few months to visit my wonderful friends and son and daughter-in-law in Burlingame. I plan to schedule in person sessions when I visit! So, if you have ever been interested in doing any in person coaching or healing mojo sessions with me, now’s the time. I’ll be working right up until our move in late February/early March. And once I get settled in Texas, I have several coaching retreats up my sleeve that I can’t wait to announce!!!


For now, we are decluttering and making donations to the Goodwill at record pace (they know Alex by name there now!) I am savoring my time with Cristian before he leaves in six weeks. We are going to a family reunion in Puerto Vallarta in late October, where Cris will say goodbye to our Mexican familia.  While I am so proud of him for wanting to serve our country, I am trying to keep my mama bear anxiety to a low roar, so I will be coaching myself with all the tools I use with you! I’ve been a military spouse when Alex was a captain and pilot in the Army, but never a Marine mom. Any support or suggestions are welcome 🙂

I have lots to write about, so I’ll be more regular with my newsletters. But this was a hard one to write. 

Please know that I appreciate each and every one of you and am so grateful for your continued support!

Take care,

Big News…We’re Moving!!!
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