The Easiest Tool to Get What You Want (That You Aren’t Using)

I was up to my eyeballs in planning my first big retreat to Riviera Maya, Mexico when I had a vision.

I needed to bring my retreaters to a ceremony with a shaman—it just had to happen.

So I started poking around online for a shaman, but funny enough, it’s not like there is a site or a phone number for 1-800-SHAMAN.
After a couple of months of looking off and on, I was getting frustrated at my lack of shaman finding success.
Then one night right before I fell asleep, I remembered a tool that I frequently forget to use.

Ask. Ask for help. Like— from above.
So I sent up a little prayer asking that the universe do its magic and put the right shaman in my path so I could make this a wonderful experience for everyone.
The next day I was on a Mexican adventure park website.
A little chat window popped up with a live person asking if they could help me.
I asked a few questions about their offerings and without thinking about it, I typed “I know this is a weird question, but I am bringing a group of women down there and I would really like to bring them to a real shaman. Would you happen to know anyone?”
A moment passed and I felt a little silly for asking, thinking this guy was going to think I was a weirdo.
Then he sends me a message saying, yes, he does know a shaman. His name is Juan and here is his phone number and email.
Shaman has email???

Whoa, that was easy. Why was that so easy? Oh yeah, I forgot. I asked.
Stunned at my stroke of luck, I asked my Spanish-speaking husband, Alex, to send him an email.
Turns out shaman speaks English—good English. He lived in the US for many years.
He sent us to his Facebook page that doubles as a website where we saw videos of him at work.
We took one look at him and knew he was the real deal.

 Juan the Shaman

So shaman speaks English, has videos we can watch, and will customize a ceremony for my group.
Our experience with him was truly life changing and was absolutely the highlight of our entire trip.
In fact, we loved him so much that I asked him if he did weddings because my son was getting married in Cancun the next month.
Of course, he said yes.
It was one of the most unique, beautiful, spiritual weddings I’ve ever seen!
Here is the point: there is truly amazing help available to you if you just ask.
I’ve been told that angels and guides can’t really intervene unless we ask.
And I don’t know about you, but I need all the help I can get!
So next time you are beginning to struggle…
Ask to be shown another way.
Ask to have the right person put in your path.
Ask to have your path cleared.

Ask for inspiration, protection, or guidance.
Then (and this is the most important part), act on the guidance you receive!

If I hadn’t asked Mr. Chat Window if he knew a shaman, it would have been a lot harder for the universe to help me out!
Ask. Believe. Receive. 🙂

The Easiest Tool to Get What You Want (That You Aren’t Using)
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