I Have a New Daughter!


I Have a New Daughter!

I’ve always wanted a daughter, and guess what?
Now I have one…no morning sickness or labor pains here! 

My son, Tyler, started dating Kelly five years ago when they were sophomores at Chico State.
On March 3rd (their 5 year anniversary), Tyler and Kelly were married at a gorgeous ceremony in Cancun, Mexico.
We are absolutely thrilled that they are together.
I think they make each other better.


You see, when Tyler was about three years old, my sister, Dana, nicknamed him “Ira” (in her best Fran Drescher fromThe Nanny voice), because when he got crabby he would take on the personality of an old, cranky Jewish man.

My father’s side of the family is Jewish, so we know this personality when we see it!
Anyway, while Tyler was an adorable boy and I loved him very much, sometimes he would work my last nerve when he would complain or get irritated.

                              This is Ira

I tell you this because since the arrival of Kelly in Tyler’s life, I see very little of Ira.

Kelly is kind of like sunshine on a stick.

She helps him not only see the bright side, but be the bright side.
During the lead up to the wedding, Kelly invited me to go wedding dress shopping with her and her mom, Karen (so fun!), help plan the menu for the reception (Caribbean fare, yum), help pick out wedding favors and guest welcome bag contents.

Kelly included me every step of the way in all the preparations, and was even open to the idea of having our favorite shaman officiate their wedding ceremony!

My new daughter is gorgeous. She looked like a princess on her wedding day, and of course, Tyler looked like her laid back knight in shining armor.

The vows that they wrote for each other made me cry with joy because my baby found someone who loves him as much as I do to share his life with.
Towards the end of the ceremony, the shaman invited every guest to make a circle around them, and give them words of wisdom. It was beautiful.

At the end we whispered good wishes into rose petals for Tyler and Kelly, and ceremoniously threw them at the happy couple after their first kiss!
Every day of our time in Cancun for wedding week, I felt such immense gratitude for being alive and feeling so happy.


Welcome to the family, Kelly! Alex and I are so happy to be your parents-in-law.
And great job, Tyler. You picked a great girl to be your wife, and I am so proud to be your mama.
To quote a book I read to you often—“I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always. As long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be.”


I Have a New Daughter!