I’m 50 Today!

Hellooooooo! It’s been so long since I’ve written a newsletter, I’m so sorry.   I’ve needed to digest all that’s happened in the last nine or ten months. I MISS YOU ALL SOOOOO MUCH!!! For real, you have no idea how much!
Since I have so much to catch you up on, I’ll hit the highlights and go into more detail in future installments!

Today I am 50 years old. It’s a milestone birthday that’s got me feeling very introspective. It sounds much older than it feels, I’ll tell you that. This year has been so full of change. Now that I think of it, this may be the year with the most change EVER for me.
Our son, Cristian, left home and is now a proud US Marine.

We sold our home after 22 years in San Ramon and moved to a new home in Austin, Texas.

We sold or gave away most of our furniture, umpteen bags of clothes, towels, sheets, and boxes upon boxes of dishes and other household items to get ready for our move.
Since arriving here we have bought everything you can think of— from appliances, window coverings, and all sorts of furniture to new cleaning supplies, and a broom. I have been nesting like a maniac to create some normalcy and feel grounded in our new home.

I converted my life coaching business from mostly in person to almost exclusively phone.
Our son, Tyler and daughter in law, Kelly also moved to Austin and moved in with us in June while awaiting the completion of their new house by the end of October.

It’s been wonderful. It’s been overwhelming. It’s been heartbreaking. It’s been freeing. It’s been affirming. It’s been a whirlwind. It’s been quiet without Cristian home. It’s been loud with the construction going on around our new neighborhood. It’s been frustrating waiting for the cable guy, the internet guy, and delivery people who don’t come on time (or ever.) It’s been magical watching a new home take shape outside and in. It’s been sad missing my dear friends and clients. It’s been invigorating discovering new restaurants, roads and people. It’s ALLLLLLLL the things.
I think it’s pretty appropriate that all of this is happening to kick off my next 50 (maybe more!) years on the planet. It’s a fresh start. I am incredibly grateful to live the life I have, surrounded by the people I love. I am thrilled to still be in touch with you and to be in your circle.
I’ll be writing more regularly now that I’m settled in. I’ve got so many things to share from my new Texan adventure! Future topics include irrational Texan pride, amazing episodes of Texas kindness, creepy crawlies of Texas and my big ass Texan fly swatter that I bought as a joke and now it’s my best friend.  

Tonight I’ll be celebrating with my family, and next month I’ll be celebrating in FRANCE! Alex and I are traveling to Barcelona, the south of France and Monaco, and all through the French countryside and historic cities ending in Paris. (I’ll be unavailable for coaching from 9/7-9/30) It’s the trip of a lifetime, and I am SO EXCITED!!! I’d love any recommendations you have for our trip!

Hope you are all well, but if you need a little check in with me— I’m here for you.
Will write again soon!
I’m 50 Today!