Intuitive Readings

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Intuitive Readings

Long before I was a coach, I was an intuitive consultant. I did readings for clients years ago while my babies napped and after their bedtime. I loved it for a long time, but then I noticed a dynamic that made me uncomfortable. Many of my clients wanted readings way too frequently, and some wanted to turn their power over to me- essentially, to tell them what to do.

So I took a break from doing readings for the public. I’ve always wanted to empower people to make their own decisions, which is why I went into coaching.  I was actually reading my coaching client’s energy during our sessions, which led my clients to find me incredibly perceptive! I wasn’t doing it consciously, but I realized that I really loved the combination of using intuition with my coaching. Now I want to offer the option of a strictly intuitive reading to my clients. It’s a different approach to looking at the issues in your life- and can be an extremely beneficial tool that can lead to bettering your life in all areas! 

Here are the ground rules- I am not going to tell you your future.  I can tell you what the energy looks like based on where things are at the time of the reading, but the future is in your hands! You have all the power! I will not be giving you’re the winning lotto numbers- if I could do that, I would have done it already for myself!

If you want to know what dead people you have around you, I’ll tell you. If you want to know if there are past life issues at play, I’ll tell you.

If you want to know what’s going on with your health, I’ll tell you what your chakras are showing me-like where they are blocked and how that may be affecting your health.

If you want to make a decision, I’ll tell you how your energy looks based on the choices you have.

I am extremely practical. I don’t wear a turban or a cape. We will laugh a lot. This is not a dramatic process, but it is a serious discovery and strategy session using my skills of reading your energy. That’s it. But I totally know what I’m doing, and I love being helpful. I’m in awe of the world of intuition, spirits, and energy. It’s an amazing tool to help you get to where you want to go!


A one hour reading over the phone is $195.


*From time to time I receive guidance that I am not the right practitioner for certain people, and I’ll decline the opportunity to work with them.  If that’s the case, please know it isn’t personal, just an inability to connect with a client’s energy. Thanks for understanding!


*Starlit Path Coaching LLC services are not to be considered a substitute for professional, medical or psychological diagnosis and/or treatment. Participation in an intuitive reading with Starlit Path is considered voluntary and should not replace, supersede or conflict with treatment and/or advice of a health professional.