“Let’s fix that sh#t!”

2016 was an eventful year, wasn’t it? Here were the highlights for me…

  1. My son,Tyler, got engaged to his fantastic girlfriend Kelly in January.
  2. Husbando Alex turned 50 and we had a wonderful party to mark the occasion.
  3. Alex and I taught two new classes together, Create Your Future Together Couples Workshop and Camp Moola!
  4. Learned how to channel- coooooool!
  5. Celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary with a trip to Italy, fantastico!
  6. Fulfilled my life long dream of seeing the tulips in Holland-yay!
  7. Survived my sister and her family’s move to Austin 🙁 I miss her.
  8. Coach Keisha became a phone app- my kids finally think I’m cool! Thank you Dawn at DMH Custom Learning. Download it for free!
  9. Began doing Healing Mojo on my own.
  10. Planned and sold out the Mystical Mayan Retreat for January 2017- can’t wait!
  11. I did a lot of speaking and radio interviews 🙂
  12. I stuck with Pilates- 16 months straight and counting- thank you Bruce Parrish at BP Fitness!
  13. I hit and crushed a big financial goal I’ve been working on forevah.

I am so excited for 2017! I am taking eight amazing women to Playa del Carmen, Mexico on retreat in just three weeks! My son is getting married in Cancun in just two months!
My youngest son will be graduating college early in December (fingers crossed).
And I’ve got some exciting things I’m planning for later in the year. I’m looking forward to unveiling those soon.
In the meantime, I’d like to talk to you about taking care of come stuff that’s been hanging over your head or lurking in the background. Stuff that you really want to make better, but maybe aren’t sure how.

I’m talking about your shit. Don’t be ashamed, we’ve all got shit somewhere. I won’t judge. But I do want to help you fix it.
What kind of shit do you want to fix, once and for all?
Relationship shit? We can work on your communication skills, opening up your heart or healing a broken one. We can work on your intuition and help you trust yourself.
Family shit? We can define and enforce your boundaries and find ways of showing up that feel good to you.

Career shit? We can take a good look at where you are feeling happy and challenged, and where you are feeling drained, out of sync or just plain done and need to make a leap! We can work on your goals for work, communication style with co-workers and higher ups, and your overall satisfaction level with regards to your career. OR, do you need to go out on your own and start your own business? I love helping with that!
Motivation and accountability shit? If you need someone to hold your hand while kicking you swiftly in the ass, I’m your coach.
Life Purpose shit? Yeah, I wrote a book on that. I would love to help you find purpose and meaning in your life. YES, WE REALLY CAN DO THAT 🙂
Spiritual shit? We can talk about alllllll of that business- it’s my favorite. I can read your energy and move out some of the crud that’s blocked and uncover more awesome. For real. It’s amazing. (Did you know I’m a Reiki master? Energy healer? Intuitive reader? Medium?) Well I AM, and I love nothing more than to help you with your mind, body and spirit.
Let’s make 2017 the year where we get out of our own way, prioritize our dreams and actually DO the things we’ve said we’ll do someday. I don’t do pie in the sky BS talk. My clients literally TRANSFORM their lives. I’m mostly here to provide guidance and encouragement.
You do not have to do this on your own. 
Let me know when you’re ready,

“Let’s fix that sh#t!”