More Peace & Less Bullsh*t….Clarity, Coaching and Community for 2020



More Peace & Less Bullshit 

A 6 Month, Small Women’s Group Coaching Program

to help you attain inner peace, combat bullshit, and finally give yourself the life you want

The Journey Begins Monday, January 13th at 5:30-7pm PT/7:30 CT/ 8:30 ET

Your guide, Keisha Gallegos- Master Coach

We are entering a new decade. Holy moly, it’s exciting! 

Are you yearning to feel more peace and less anxiety?

Are you motivated to make some important changes in your life?

Are there some things you want to settle once and for all?

Are you tired of bullshit?  Yours and everyone else’s?

Tired of feeling stuck or afraid?

Are you ready to stop holding yourself hostage to people and things that keep you small?

It’s time.

Time to finally, FINALLY do the things you really, really want to do.

Time to stop hiding out, making excuses and allowing ourselves to get jerked around by the people and things in our lives that are not serving our highest purpose. 

It’s time to get out of our own way.

“But the world is so crazy! I feel anxious and distracted.” That was so 2019. 

We’re going into 2020, baby!!!! It’s time to get your 20/20 vision and move with a purpose!

I asked some of you what you were craving in your life.

You told me you want more peace

You said you’re sick to death of the bullshit.

You said maybe you would be able to attain some of your bigger goals if you weren’t overwhelmed with anxiety inducing crap.

I have the solution.

I know how to help you feel more peace, allow less bullshit, create the focus to support the life you want.



When women gather together and help each other, magic happens.

When we meditate together to visualize what we want, WE CREATE CLARITY.

When we have clarity, we can set a CLEAR INTENTION.

When we focus our intention on what we want to create, WE CLEAR A PATH.

Once we see the path forward, we begin a JOURNEY and we need to set some BOUNDARIES to help us remain focused when the journey gets a little tough. 

When we are supported with our boundaries, we can keep out distractions and negativity and ELIMINATE DESTRUCTIVE BULLSHITTERY.

And by limiting our exposure to bullshittery we can CLAIM OUR INNER PEACE.

And we can finally accomplish the things we’ve dreamed of! 



This will be a coaching deep dive unlike anything I’ve ever led before.

This program is a commitment– a six month commitment of time, energy and resources.

There will be two 90 – minute group Zoom video conference calls a month– held on the second and fourth Mondays of the month, recorded for your convenience.

You will have three 60 – minute private coaching calls with me. One at the beginning to get clear on your intention, one in the middle to help weed out any distractions or beat down any saboteurs (even if the saboteur is YOU!) and one at the end of the course to build in next steps and provide any necessary support moving forward. I am here to provide the personal attention and motivation you need!



This coaching program is comprised of all the best methods I know that have helped the hundreds of clients I’ve coached over the last ten years.

  • Each class will begin with a guided meditation for proper vision questing and centering of chi.
  • We will use visualization to rewire our brains for success and strength.
  • We will use the latest neuroscientific principles to promote our bad habit breaking/new habit forming behaviors.
  • We will create new mantras to help us overcome obstacles to our inherent inevitable kick-assery.
  • We will use our creativity to open up blocks from the logical part of our brains that keep us stuck.
  • We will lean on a warm, nurturing community of helpful journey mates to create bonds so that we are never alone in our quest.
  • We will end each class with an oracle card pick and intention statement for the following week.

I will be there to lead, cajole, encourage, inspire, and lovingly keep you accountable to your destiny.


Class 1

1/13     Taking Stock and Clearing the Deck

Class 2

1/27     The Wheel of Life

Class 3

2/11   Defining Your Own Success

Class 4

2/25     Envisioning Your Future—How Do You Want to Feel?

Class 5

3/9       Tell Me What You Want, What You Really, Really Want

Class 6

3/23       Where’s Your Bullshit?

Class 7

4/13   Your Inner Saboteur

Class 8

4/27     What’s Surfacing?

Class 9

5/11      Name Your Non-Negotiables

Class 10

5/18*     Your Toolbox

Class 11 

6/8     Taking Flight

Class 12

6/22  Basking in Your Success 

*This class is scheduled for the third week of May due to the Memorial Day Holiday

You don’t have to do this alone. It’s ok to need support. Don’t let another year go by without doing the things you want to do.


12 Ninety-minute Zoom video conference classes +

3 Sixty-minute private coaching calls ($750 Value) +

Supportive group of wise women journey mates +

Facebook forum for support, questions and community +

Meditations + Visualizations + Oracle Cards + Homework + Accountability =


Register Before January 5th and Save $350