My Workshop Was An EPIC Fail (Mar 1, 2015)

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm” – Winston Churchill
It was going to be a great workshop, I had awesome material- it was the kind of workshop that I would love to attend.
I envisioned couples spending quality time together and remembering why they fell in love in the first place.
I imagined they would leave with a plan in their hand about what they wanted to accomplish together, and of adventures they wanted to share.
Warmth and fuzziness ensue, everybody leaves happy.
Except that didn’t happen.
Because only two couples signed up.
TWO couples.
Probably a thousand people saw the marketing for this thing and only two said yes.
Four if you count the husbands that the wives were dragging.
I was sad. I was crabby. I was incredulous- REALLY? WTF?
I’m not gonna lie, I was embarrassed.
Crazy thoughts went through my mind about what this meant about my business- all of them awful.

In the midst of my panic attack/pity party I remembered that a client told me she was going to have professional photo shoot that was part of a one day Smashbox Cosmetics promotion at our local Ulta on the day my workshop was scheduled.
She showed me a non-cheesy and truly beautiful head shot taken of her sister the previous year as part of the same promotion and I thought this could be a fun, easy way for me to get a great picture for the back of my book (which will be out by July of this year, come hell or high water.)
I told a bunch of friends and clients about this opportunity and we formed a little hen party at the store, where we got makeovers by Smashbox makeup artists and had photos taken by Steven Khan, a high fashion photographer who charges $10,000 a session, but free to us as long as we bought some makeup.

Honestly, I had on enough makeup for three drag queens-but I guess that’s what high fashion is all about!
I’m happy with the photos, and more importantly I had a great time with my friends.
Hats off to Smashbox for creating an event that was great for them and great for us, win-win!

There’s something funny about this whole workshop debacle.
If the workshop had gone ahead, I wouldn’t have these pictures.
On my list of things to accomplish this year- getting new pictures was at the top of my list.
Teaching a couples workshop was not.

The Universe was giving me what I wanted, even though it felt like it was slapping me in the face.
I wanted professional photos, I got uber professional photos- by a photographer I would have never have paid $10K.
By including my friends, I helped people I care about get great photos that they will use on their websites, Linked In, dating sites, or just for themselves.

And I WILL have that couples workshop.
The timing was just wrong.

The Universe is just clearing me a path to get the crap done that I said I wanted help getting done.
It’s happening!!!
And I’ll let you know when the couples workshop is rescheduled, but I know it won’t be until I’ve FINISHED THE FRIGGIN’ BOOK. 
By May- pinkie swear.
Happy Spring!


Originally Posted: Mar 1, 2015

My Workshop Was An EPIC Fail (Mar 1, 2015)