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I can’t say enough about Keisha.  She is a fantastic coach, very intuitive and yet very businesslike and grounded at the same time.  With her experience she knows how to be like a good friend that can “hold your feet to the fire” too.  She is kind and insightful, and really thinks about the best way to move you forward – you definitely get more than you pay for as she sends out links to websites, homework, and articles in between sessions to keep you motivated and moving.  Keisha offers all sorts of events and group coaching services as well if you want to get a taste of her style.  She runs meetups, entrepreneurial courses, Intuition Gym groups and other delicious goodies.  I highly recommend her – her coaching will definitely get you moving forward with your life!

~Kirsten Cameron,  Certified Hypnotherapist and Life Coach www.kirsten-cameron.com

Keisha’s insight helps me approach life in a more creative and calm manner. She is one of those easy people–funny, friendly, warm, smart–a joy to work with. Her intuition, tied with practical tools I can use daily, make a difference in my life. We work together bi-monthly on the phone and my only regret is I don’t live closer so I can attend her in-person events.

~Laura Wooten,  Owner of Wooten Communications www.wootencomm.com


TJ picI am writing this review because I feel I need to share the experience I had with Keisha and would like others to know that you too can change your life! If your looking to change the way you think, to get those negative voices out of your head and be the person you really are…you need to contact Keisha! Keisha connects you to your true self and helps you find what you really really really want! You will be surprised at what your really telling yourself in your head and ultimately discover why your stuck! Why your life is not working…why your feel like something is missing even if you don’t know what you want! She gets you moving towards what the Universe has in store for you…living the true you. This is a lifetime exercise and Keisha keeps you in the VORTEX to keep your wits about you and moving forward.
Keisha is my guardian angel.  If you are looking to live that extraordinary life and stop being stuck, overwhelmed and keep moving toward what YOU want, don’t waste anymore time and contact Keisha. She can help you get there!

~Tammy Mercado, Attorney at Law  www.whipplemercadolaw.com


Mike Kammermeyer picKeisha is the “real deal”. Not only is she the best life coach, teacher and one of the most caring people that I know, she is an inspiration to all of her clients. She makes you want to do better for her and yourself! I will be forever grateful for her help in getting my business off to a running start! Thank you Keisha!!!

~Mike Kammermeyer, Mortgage Broker www.mikekammermeyer.com

Samantha Rodgers picI absolutely LOVE Keisha! I started working with her back in March in her Entrepreneur group and she has helped stay focused and to task on everything for my business. I normally stay to task as it is but if I’m holding back on something she gets right to the bottom of it and “unclogs” it. I love going to her meet ups, she makes it fun and easy to talk to people and network. She really keeps me motivated and moving forward!

~Sam Rodgers, Yoga Instructor, Personal Trainer, and Self Defense Expert www.bodysamantix.com

Keisha is an intuitive life coach and she has helped me unlock my fears, helped me feel more comfortable with my skill set and talk about what I provide as muscle therapist with confidence. Since working with Keisha my business has grown. If you want to take your business and your life to the next level, Keisha is your coach.

~Carolyn Ulitsky, Intuitive Muscle Therapist, Reiki Master www.somawisemt.com

Laura Rosenberg PicKeisha is AMAZING! If you want to get unstuck, get focussed and inspired to take action look no further. Keisha has the warmest, most amazing energy and awesome sense of humor. Her questions and intuition are always spot-on and I leave each session feeling like I’ve learned a lot about myself and have grown. She is a ROCKSTAR and you will LOVE her!

~Laura Rosenberg Master Life Coach www.coachlaura.com

Michelle adams pictureKeisha has changed my life! I attend her monthly meet-up’s as well as group life-coach meetings and tele-classes. Since I started working with her, my quality of life has greatly improved. Her guidance and support is unparalleled. She has an amazing sense of humor and a genuine love of people. I always look forward to seeing her to get my “Keisha fix”. I honestly cannot say enough good things about her. She is the best life coach and I’m so glad I found her!

~Michelle Adams, Personal Trainer and Certified Health Coach www.michelleadamspt.com

Bruce Parrish PicKeisha, I didn’t get a chance to mention it today in our session, but I wanted to mention that after our first session with you, my business has changed. You are absolutely right what you said today about putting it out there in the universe and the universe working with us. With your help and your wise words, I had a paradigm shift and my energy changed and the energy that was attracted to me changed. It really is magic! Thanks for all you do and I can’t wait to see what is down the path before us.

~Bruce Parrish Personal Trainer www.bpfitness.co

If you are wondering about a life coach… You don’t need to look any further than Keisha!!! She is funny, darling & entertaining but don’t let that fool you! She is also smart, insightful, and down to earth. She isn’t afraid to ask the hard questions to help get to the difficult to find or acknowledge answers. You will see, just call her!

~Chellie Kammermeyer Reiki Master www.innercompassreiki.com

Jill Arburn picKeisha Gallegos has utilized tools and methods that have been more helpful and insightful to me than years of therapy! I am thrilled to recommend her as a life coach and I am confident that Keisha can guide you down the path to life fulfillment and happiness. She has absolutely done that for me!

~ Jill Arburn Home Stager and Blogger www.simplestagingsolutions.net, www.plu-peoplelikeus.blogspot.com

Has the light gone out in your life? Are you feeling a bit lost in the dark? Well, look no more. There is someone waiting at the end of the Starlit Path and that is Keisha Gallegos. I highly recommend Keisha as a personal coach to “light up your life.” Warm, energetic, and oh, so, so funny, you will laugh your way as Keisha says “from crappy to happy.” What are you waiting for?

~ Mary Welty- Dapkus, Professional Intuitive and Certified Life Coach www.freshintuition.com


Melissa Yago

Keisha’s positive approach to life and everyday “drama” is not only helpful but makes you think positive in a better way. She approaches everything on a friendly level and makes even the most awkward moments feel normal.

If you have the opportunity to work with Keisha, take it! You should only be so lucky.

~Melissa Yago, Survivor and Lead Paralegal


Kristen Ruggiero pictureKeisha is amazing!!! I have gone to a few of her meetups, and just started her entrepreneur group last month. She is fun, positive, and extremely helpful with my business and life. She helps push me to do the tasks I need to get to the next step in my business, especially when I hit a wall. I am really excited to see what the future holds for me, thanks to her and her wonderful coaching!!

~Kristen Ruggiero Interior Designer www.chicinteriorsandevents.com



Change is usually scary, but I feel like I have a playbook now. You did for me in an hour what no one has been able to do for me in years. ~ Monica G.

I’ve been feeling like a new person since working with you. Words alone cannot describe my gratitude for how much you helped me! Every day I hear your voice, guiding me in a happier and healthier way of living. ~ M. Miller

Keisha has been a blessing to discover at a time when I needed some direction in my life. I was struggling with planning my new life after a divorce, sale of my home and moving to a new area. I was also struggling on whether I should change careers. I didn’t need a therapist to discuss my past but instead someone to help me plan my future. With a lot of insight, laughter and the comfort of her two adorable dogs, she was able to help me bring to light what I want my new life to look like and how I am going to do it. Keisha helps you discover things about yourself in a non-threatening, non-judgemental manner that is relaxed and comfortable. She is open about her own experiences and always knows the exact exercise to do to help you with self-discovery.  ~Lisa L.

Working with Keisha Gallegos is a fantastic experience. She is smart, perceptive, articulate, compassionate and funny. Her passion for helping people is astounding. She firmly, yet, gently guides you to move beyond what is holding you back or keeping you stuck. Keisha has a quiet strength about her that can’t always be put into words but you know it when you feel it. Her energy is both magnetic and infectious. You can’t help but feel better, think clearer, and have a greater sense of your self after spending even a few minutes speaking with her. If you are feeling pain, fear, or sadness in your life, Keisha will help you find the joy, peace, and love within you. Keisha is a gem and being coached by her is an experience you will cherish forever. ~ Martha M.

Keisha is a dynamic Life Coach who combines the seriousness of helping people break-through their own barriers to success and the fun-loving spirit she brings to the task! Her keen insight and focused, organized approach helped me to get to the next level on my path! I highly recommend her skills in helping others find their inner strength and identifying their best life!” ~ Tina D.

Keisha’s coaching has truly changed my life. She has helped me open up. I am now much more honest with myself and with other people. All of my relationships have improved and deepened since Keisha’s coaching. She knows when to push hard and when to back off. When I had big issues, she knew when I was ready to face them and she was right there to help me find the answers I needed. She is smart, funny, and when you talk to her you know she is really listening and really cares. ~ Kelly K.

Keisha has a huge heart and she really enjoys helping people heal their lives. If you are looking for a life coach who really listens then Keisha is the life coach for you! ~ Kimba L.

I never thought spending a little time on the phone with someone could bring a healthy new perspective to a problem that was dragging me down. Keisha is worth your time.  ~ Marc B.

If you are “coachable” and you want several “A-HA” moments, then Keisha is your answer. I came to her without knowing really where I wanted to begin with coaching, and after 6 sessions I have more clarity of what I want and acceptance for just about everything and everyone including myself. I’ve re-enlisted with Keisha because it works, and because I’m excited to see what will happen next. She is 100% present at our sessions and dedicated to helping me get what I want.  ~ Colleen O.


*Starlit Path Coaching LLC services are not to be considered a substitute for professional, medical or psychological diagnosis and/or treatment. Participation in life coaching with Starlit Path is considered voluntary and should not replace, supersede or conflict with treatment and/or advice of a health professional.


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