There’s no prize for suffering- let me help!

Hello Everybody!

I’ve been thinking about what it takes for someone to reach out to seek help when they’re hurting, or when they’re just stuck.
A lot. It takes a lot.
By the time someone reaches out for coaching with me, they’ve usually already beat themselves to a pulp internally about why they aren’t where they want to be.
Or even worse, where they’re “supposed to be.”
That internal conflict causes suffering, and I am not down with suffering.

The way out of internal suffering is to take action.
Afraid of taking action or don’t know what the next step is?
That’s where I can help.
It’s what I do allll day long.
We do this weird thing as humans where we think that because we can’t figure out what to do next, that maybe no one can figure out what’s next, because our problems are “special”.
Not to rain on your parade, but, in this regard, we are not all that special.
Our problems, our lack of action, and our inability to move forward actually follow pretty similar patterns.
And my job is to be a master pattern spotter.

So if you find yourself suffering, please—call me. (Actually, email me. I respond faster) 
I’ve got so many great tools up my sleeve to help you move forward that you wouldn’t believe it. 
My sister recently told me I am a Tool Emporium, LOL!
I enjoyed that tremendously 🙂
I LIVE personal development all day every day, folks.
It’s my passion and it’s my calling. 
And, it’s my JOB to be really really good at it.
So you don’t have to.
You have a lot of other stuff to do.

So please—put down the suffering, my dear.
There is no prize at the end for “He or She who has suffered most.”
It is not a badge of courage and it serves no good purpose.

And even though I’m in Texas, we can see each other during sessions by video conferencing or phone. 
I can tell you that you will have a great deal of clarity in 3 sessions or less, and will be well on your way to world domination in 6 sessions. (Package of 3 coaching sessions is $750, 6 sessions is $1450)
If you love the process you can stick around and go deep with me and coach long term.
If you got what you needed I will be thrilled and cheer your success from afar.
Or Facebook, LOL.
(If we aren’t connected on Facebook, and you are on FB, friend me! I post good stuff!)

In the meantime, sending you love from Austin! 
Happy Valentine’s Day, 

There’s no prize for suffering- let me help!