What Can You Let Go Of? (January 3, 2016)

2015 was a really big year for me. Here are some highlights:

  1. I published The Little Book of Big Mojo and received rave reviews!
  2. I launched a sparkly new website.
  3. My husband became a personal finance coach and his new business is already a big success.
  4. Amazon Prime Shipping changed my life—less errands= more time!
  5. I took an energy healing weekend workshop with Cyndi Dale, a channeling workshop with Kirsten Cameron and a course on rewiring your brain with Dr. Joe Dispenza. I love learning and sharing what I’ve learned with you!
  6. Held my first coach-a-thon for charity.
  7. Latisse® really does lengthen my eyelashes 🙂
  8. Started Pilates and I actually like it!
  9. Witnessed client’s lives transform—so rewarding to be a part of.
  10. I made the decision to discontinue my meetup after six years of hosting.

I want to talk about the last one…that was a tough decision. I started the Find Your Starlit Path Women’s Meetup in February of 2010 about a year into my coaching practice. My main goal was to meet like-minded women willing to grow personally and spiritually together. Mission accomplished!!! I learned so much from facilitating meetup. I became comfortable leading, teaching, organizing and creating content. I grew through setting boundaries, learning to manage my energy, and worked on my tendency for people pleasing.

Last year I noticed that I felt more drained than boosted from hosting meetup. Nothing was wrong with it and nothing bad happened. While thinking about what I wanted to create in 2016, I realized that something had to go to make room for my new dreams and intentions. I looked at all of my offerings and see what felt fresh and exciting and to see if anything felt stale. I came to the conclusion that organizing meetup was where my energy was lagging, and not even the thought of disappointing faithful participants would change my mind—a huge step for me.

Here’s the deal: why do we think we can just keep adding to the number of commitments we take on without ever letting anything go? We cannot treat our lives like a clown car at the circus where a freakish number of jokesters pile into a finite and disproportionate space. We must only allow in the number of bodies we have seat belts for, or someone is bound to get hurt.

Something has got to go to allow in something new. If your life feels like a clown car, you must ruthlessly cut out extraneous time suckers. Unsubscribe from emails that hog up precious inbox space. including mine if it doesn’t feel helpful. Back away from social media if it’s become excessive or obsessive. Stop having drinks with that person who gets on your last nerve.

We need to reclaim our lives, people. If your life outside of work is full of obligations and commitments, take a hard look at your boundaries. Do you say yes to every committee you are invited to because it makes you feel wanted? Do you spend a lot of time with someone who’s life is a constant drama because you think you are “helping” them? Are you overly available to your family, friends, coworkers or clients because you think you need to be responsive? All any of this does is guarantee that you’ll be exhausted, cranky and forgetful.

Life is short, stop doing non-essential shit that you hate.

Leave some white space in your life for the universe to create something awesome with you.

What Can You Let Go Of? (January 3, 2016)