What if we all had self-esteem like Texas?

Hey Y’all!

Since moving to Texas, I’ve learned about an astounding phenomenon known as “Texas Pride.” Many Texans honestly feel that they live in God’s country, and there is no place better on earth to live. They truly believe their state is THE BEST, kind of in an irrational way to an outsider like me.

Don’t get me wrong, I like it here.  I am enjoying so many things about the Lone Star State—the wildflowers, huge oak trees, plentiful space, huge sky, rolling hills, gorgeous sunsets and friendly people. It’s just that I’ve been lucky enough to travel to and live in many beautiful places, and I know that everywhere has something beautiful about it.  I am used to residents feeling pride in where they live. However, Texas pride is another story entirely. In case you didn’t know, TEXAS IS THE SHIT!  Some of this state pride is derived from the fact that Texas was its own country from 1836-1845. I’m not entirely sure anyone was notified when it became a part of the US. (Kidding…sort of) Texans are loud, proud and unapologetic when it comes to loving their home state. I find this terribly amusing!

In front of every grocery store, you will find lone star patio furniture and planters. Inside you will find a wide variety of Texas spirit wear. It seems that no home is complete without a huge Texas star proudly hung out front, if not emblazoned on the front door. Garbage bags are “Texas Strong”, steaks are “Texas sized” and it is very important that you know you “Don’t Mess With Texas.” Nearby Lake Travis is “heaven” and I’ve been told by more than one Texan that Austin has EVERYTHING—you really never have to leave. In case you are concerned about my welfare, relax. I did not drink the Kool-Aid. It’s hysterically funny to me, but also an interesting lesson. 

What if we all had self esteem like Texas? I am convinced that if you felt about yourself the way that Texas feels about itself, there would be NOTHING you couldn’t accomplish. Any of your perceived shortcomings could be explained away with pride. 

Feel old? Texas says that you are experienced and wise. 
Feel battered by life? Texas says those are your war wounds- wear them as a badge of honor.
Feel unsure of yourself? Texas tells you to look at your ancestors and feel motivated by their strength.
Feel unattractive? Texas does not compute- you are GORGEOUS ALWAYS and everyone else is just jealous.
Not smart enough? No problem, just bring more fire power and a big smile.
Feel uncertain? Texas says lock and load, baby. You’ll figure it out on the way there.
Your butt is too big? It’s Texas sized, move on. 

What if whenever you had a shitty thought about yourself, you shifted the thought to “what would Texas think of this?” We are all telling ourselves stories, interpreting the world around us through our own prescriptive lenses. We may as well put a positive spin on it, because I guarantee you—no one is harder on you than you are on yourself. You’ve already tried finding what’s wrong with you before any one else can. Why not try a little non-narcissistic positive self-esteem brainwashing? If you’re going to tell yourself a story, it may as well be a good one!

Need help on cultivating Texas-type self esteem? Let’s make a game of it. Email me your perceived shortcoming, and I’ll help you turn it Texan.

xoxo, Keisha 
What if we all had self-esteem like Texas?
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