When You’re Stuck in Quicksand With Ants in Your Pants (October 4, 2015)

Lovely visual, isn’t it?

Yet, you know exactly how it feels.

You’re uncomfortable.

You’re agitated.

You’re sick and tired of being uncomfortable and agitated.

You’ve done everything you know how to do…
and you’re still STUCK.

And being stuck blows.

I have a theory about what it means to be stuck:

Stuck is when your heart wants something that your head doesn’t think you can have.

Like when you really want to be a life coach, but you are afraid to because you don’t know anything about starting a business, or marketing, or if that’s even a real job, and who the heck is really going to hire you?

Here’s what to do when you’re stuck in quicksand according to Wiki-How….

Relax. In actual quicksand, “If you panic, you can sink further, but if you relax, your body’s buoyancy will cause you to float. Breathe deeply. Not only will deep breathing help you remain calm, it will also make you more buoyant. Keep as much air in your lungs as possible. It is impossible to ‘go under’ if your lungs are full of air.When in metaphorical quicksand, the same rules apply- don’t   panic. Getting stuck sometimes is a part of life and everyone goes through it at one time or another. It is hard to be all angsty when your lungs are full of air because you are breathing deeply and remaining calm. Don’t squash your body’s buoyancy by clenching and holding your breath!

Get on your back and “swim.” In real quicksand “float on your back while you slowly and carefully extricate your legs.” In metaphorical quicksand, do not struggle. Gracefully lie back and allow yourself to get messy, its part of the process.
Use a stick. “In quicksand country, carry a stick          with you. If you fall in quicksand, inch sideways            along the pole to firm ground.” In metaphorical            quicksand, inch sideways and get perspective.            Become an observer. Your values are your                  stick. Are you living according to what YOU                  want or what someone else wants. Your hopes            and dreams are what will catapult you out of the          muck.
Take frequent breaks. “The work of extracting yourself can be exhausting, so you need to work judiciously, conserving your energy before you become to tired. You do need to move quickly, however, as the pressure of the sand can shut off your blood flow and cause nerve damage, numbing your legs and making it almost impossible to free yourself without help.” In metaphorical quicksand the advice is the same. Don’t allow yourself to become exhausted. You will adopt the temperament of a fussy baby, and if that happens, nothing will feel quite right. However, you need to move. In any direction. Just do the best you can. If you find that you have moved in the wrong direction, course correct and keep moving. The pressure of the decision of what to do first is shutting down your intuitive flow, numbing your instincts and causes you to frantically run in circles going nowhere fast. Try different tactics until you feel a little relief. Rinse and repeat. Take decisive action.

Listen to your heart, it knows what you really really want, even if your mind is trying to talk you out of it. You’ll be unstuck before you know it.

When You’re Stuck in Quicksand With Ants in Your Pants (October 4, 2015)