Why Your Intuition is So Important (September 13, 2015)

You probably know that one of my passions is to help people connect with and trust their own intuition.

Hence, The Intuitive Gym that Mary Welty-Dapkus and I teach.

I thought I might tell you why.

Here’s the deal— I grew up in a home where there was a lot of abuse and denial going on.

When I got hit so hard in the face that it dislocated my jaw— I was told that “we don’t talk about that.”

When a plate of spaghetti went sailing over my head and crashing into the wall—first I was told to clean it up, then I was told that it never happened.

I began to doubt my sanity because of this little game of abuse and denial, which all the adults in my house played.

This caused me to distrust myself, and doubt my perceptions of what was happening in my life.

I was taught to trust an authority figure’s version of reality instead of my own.

Many years later, when I realized that the little voice inside my head was my intuition, I listened to it and I began to thrive.

When I learned to distinguish my intuitive wisdom from my thoughts and fears, I learned that I could trust myself.

*Trusting my intuition helped me marry the right person even when I got a lot of flack from my parents.(Happily married for 24 years- HA!)

*Trusting my intuition helped me become a coach when the idea of having my own business felt crazy and far-fetched.

*Trusting my intuition helped me end toxic relationships and forge healthy ones.

*Trusting my intuition has helped me make more money by creating offerings that people want because the subject excites me.

*Trusting my intuition has helped me take chances and learn things that have brought so much joy to my life.

*Trusting my intuition makes my life easier, less complicated and more fun.

I see so many people doubting themselves, and that creates chaos and unhappiness.

Trusting your intuition=trusting YOU.

If you’re interested in taking a class to help you do that, I teach a great one with my dear friend Mary.
The fee for the class includes a one-hour intuitive assessment/reading with Mary and I to discover your intuitive abilities.

The early bird price flies away this Thursday, September 17th– class starts on October 1st.

We would love to have you!

It will change your life.

Why Your Intuition is So Important (September 13, 2015)